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 Meet the Ebayers #1 – an occasional series

Isn’t Ebay wonderful? The chance to pick up a bargain without all the trouble of hawking through a trestle table of tat at a car boot sale while a gimlet-eyed Del Boy works out if he’s going to budge on the £1.50 asking price. It’s not only great for browsing for stuff to buy from the comfort of home, but there’s also much fun to be had looking at what other people are buying. It’s got all the vicarious thrills of seeing the records of a bulimic’s Tesco clubcard.

Meet Genina1230 –  http://myworld.ebay.co.uk/genina1230. I haven’t laughed so much in ages. Genina1230’s last four purchases on Ebay include two lots of pigeon rings, and a gin trap.

 Genina1230 last 4 purchases

A gin trap? Aren’t they illegal? Well, yes and no… certainly illegal to use in the UK, but it’s still legal to posess one as long as you don’t set it, and instead keep it as a collector’s item. That’s certainly the case with the tasty little number Genina1230 is currently bidding on – a rather fetching and desirable pole trap. Check this baby out:

Here, accipter accipter accipter…



Hot damn! What a beauty! The seller is careful to point out to prospective buyers that this is a “Collectors item only“, but in case you were worried your collection would be sullied by a substandard item, adds helpfully the information that it’s “in good working condition“.

Phew. What a relief. I’d hate to think Genina1230 might follow the succesful bid for pigeon rings by buying a broken pole trap. Imagine the disappointment.

Just as I was starting to be concerned about what sort of person would buy pigeon rings, gin traps, and maybe a nice pole trap (not to mention various shooting paraphernalia such as beating flags, a fox lure CD etc), I noticed a more reassuring purchase made earlier this year. What pigeon-fancying, trap-collecting home would be complete without a fridge magnet like this?

Blazing saddle

And to think I was worried…