Am not sure whether or not this blog title makes any sense at all unless you’re from the West Country too… but hopefully it will – it’s a topical birding reference, and following the rip-roaring success that was the Pheasant rodeo advert, it’s a gratuitous opportunity to revisit another commercial I enjoyed immensely.

Enough suspense building and ambiguity… onto the birds. Came home this evening to perfect calm, not a breath of wind, and the sea glassy calm. Great Northern Divers stood out a mile even at extreme distance on the water, and if I’d still needed any of the breeding auks for the house yearlist, tonight would have been the night to rack them up. Puffin, Razorbill, Guillemot, Black Guillemot… all easily seen in a matter of moments. Walked around the golf course for want of anywhere better to go in such pleasant but unpromising (for migrants) conditions.

Sure enough, from a bird perspective not much doing. One Swallow hawking along below the cliff edge; a mob of irate Arctic Terns divebombed Fly (the Not Very Good Sheepdog) as we passed the Taing; and small parties of Turnstones were hanging out on the fairways, with a couple of nice summer-plumaged Dunlins for good measure. Mammals were good – had excellent views of a fishing Otter, and a pod of Harbour Porpoise just offshore.

Got back home to cook dinner, and edged one closer to the magic 100 for the house yearlist from the comfort of the kitchen window, armed with beer – a Grey Heron flying north-east over my lower field. Joy.

And so to the gratuitous advert – featuring Pablo the comedy stuffed dog. Probably not meant to make you laugh as such, but it reduced me to helpless giggles every time. A non-prize for the first person who can work out the link…