You are my haw

Devoted most of the day to hot vegetable action – planted yet more tatties, 60 assorted brassicas, and chicken-proofed the side of the new yard that’s most vulnerable to hen-infiltration. Went down the isle after lunch to get some stuff from the shop, half-heartedly birding along the way – not a lot to be seen, for all it’s been south-easterlies today. Best I could muster was a Spotted Flycatcher until… I found this lurking inside an open garage door. There was just long enough to squeeze off one photo of a Hawfinch in its natural habitat – feeding on bird seed underneath a stepladder. Seeing me, it displayed typical Hawfinch evasive behaviour – and scuttled underneath the parked car beside it. Shetland… it’s just non-stop nature in the raw up here.

Cheap Haw

Other than that, nothing much doing at all, though the rain that’s finally arrived with the southeasterlies may be good for tomorrow. These spent the day lurking just offshore, with at one point 3 Great Northern Divers further out in the bay.

090523 Eider 002

Devoted this evening to watching the Drench pheasant rodeo advert over and over again. I’m easily amused.