A lovely pair of Buff-breasts

The best and worst of news this morning – the visiting birders who’d found the vanishing Buff-breasted Sandpiper last Saturday had relocated it, now teamed up with a second bird. This time they had some photos, but… the birds had vanished by the time JLI got to the golf course. So when I eventually got out there this evening, I wasn’t feeling too optimistic – it’d been a fine, still sunny day, so the golf course would have had its fair share of disturbance from golfers and the groundsmen.

Sure enough, there was no sign of them where they’d last been reported. I walked along the coast, and was delighted to relocate them at the very furthest tip of the isle feeding busily on the short turf beside a cairn. I sent a text to BM and JLI (JA still away for the time being), looked back up, and they’d vanished. Nightmare. By the time BM made it down the golf course to join me, I’d scoured the immediate area to no avail. Spreading the search a little further along the coast, I refound them at considerable distance, went closer to confirm they were what I thought they were, turned to see where BM was, turned back – and they’d gone again.

No sooner had I sworn aloud than my phone rang – JLI had picked them up flying overhead back up the golf course. We all re-traced our steps, and started working our way north again. I relocated them a final time, and this time we managed to get within photographing distance. Needless to say, my battery failed at the critical juncture – and I am going straight to Amazon to buy a back-up when this post is finished! Will go for another look in the morning, albeit they’ve presumably been feeding up all day and tonight is clear and still… do Buff-breasted Sandpipers migrate at night?


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