Hungary #5 – marsh terns

Keeping a weather eye on Birdguides, I see there are a few Red-footed Falcons and White-winged Black Terns filtering into the UK at the moment. I’d dearly love to find either up here, but particularly one of the latter – White-winged Black terns are by a country mile my favourite tern species. Hungary has had an incredibly wet spring this year, so Hortobagy was teeming with Whiskered, Black and White-winged Black Terns while I was there with Shetland Wildlife.

The White-winged Blacks seemed to be everywhere, even hawking over the water-filled roadside ditches. Such a treat to see them at such close quarters. That said, the Whiskered Terns were numerous too, and were often seen engaging in courtship behaviour, offering fish to one another and occasionally mating – a very noisy affair!

One Response

  1. WWBT are truely beautiful and you have captured their essence in your photo’s!

    Whiskered, Arctic or Common Terns or any of that family are just so delicate and delightful – I challenge anyone not to enjoy watching them!

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