Hungary #4 – Pygmy Cormorants

As promised, it’s Pygmy Cormorants today from my Shetland Wildlife trip to Hungary. Only a handful of images as I have yet to do the many photos taken full justice, and other work is beginning to catch up with me now I am back in Shetland. At least I missed nothing of any great impact on the island while I was away – and selfishly it was a huge relief that a report of an unstreaked locustella last week turned out to be a Grasshopper Warbler. Phew! The many River Warblers we saw and heard in the Zempln Hills floodplain were all the sweeter for knowing I wasn’t missing one on my doorstep!

Two years running now I have managed to spend a fortnight off Shetland in the height of spring migration without missing a good bird at home – an enviable record, though not one JLI and the others will thank me for as my time away has coincided both years with predominantly northerly winds. Still, as BM says – it just takes one bird…


6 Responses

  1. Whats the scoop on the unstreaked locustella Jon?

  2. Does this mean that when you go to Fair Isle – there are mega megas ?

  3. Nothing terribly exciting mate. JA found it and put a text out to alert the others.

    BM was off the isle, but JLI got there – sounds like it was a right skulker and didn’t show well at all, but fortunately JA had got some pix beforehand and it turned out to be a Grasshopper. Shame, as I don’t think River’s been recorded on the isle yet…

    Pix on JA’s blog –

  4. Wait and see Corinna!

  5. As you said, for the second year running you manage to miss nothing. I don’t know how you do it, i’m not so lucky. Heart stopping moment the Gropper, sat on AJ’s garden wall for a split second then dived for cover. JLI got a bullet view just glad i got a picture. Cracking shots from Hungary Jon, really enjoying them.

    • Sounds like a near miss, Jason. We’re well overdue a River!

      Glad you’re enjoying the Hungary photos – the birding out there was incredible, and the photography the icing on the cake.

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