Quality winter birding

A good day today with a couple of genuine surprises, most surprising being a party of 3 Stonechats including one male out on the hill, and a sulphurous Grey Wagtail standing out a mile as it tried to find something worth eating on frozen puddles. Stonechats were particularly photogenic in low warm winter sunshine on a reasonably calm day (temperature down to -8 deg C overnight last night, and only rose to a balmy -1.5 in the sunshine during the day today).

No sign of any interesting gulls, despite the promisingly northerly wind direction. They’ll be along shortly.

One Response

  1. Happy New Year, Jon. A bit on the chilly side here too. Long-tailed Duck is on my house list via long distant scoping to Loch Harray where one fortunately flew into the nearest bay a few weeks back as I was scanning, not yet on the 2010 list though, twenty or so species without leaving the comfort of the kitchen so far. Not sure I’ll be competing with your quality of your house list later in the year – ha! Peregrine virtually in the kitchen as I write, it ploughed into the feral pig’s but left with empty tallons.

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