Only 120 days until spring

It’s reached that time of year that finding much to blog about becomes pretty tricky, especially on the bird-related front. Before you know it I’ll be telling you all about the lovely white-winged gulls in Lerwick, and then where will it all end? Rampant laro-lurve, that’s where.

Okay, a quick update – since last writing way back when, I’ve been to north Spain for a few days (wrong time of year I know, and a work trip, but you takes your chances where you find them…even when those chances are confined to a couple of Mediterranean Gulls on the tidal creek outside my hotel), caught more than a couple of filthy colds, and seen absolutely bugger all by way of interesting birds. But on a positive note, my bird photos are being picked up by a couple more magazines including a non-specialist birdy one, so that’s all good. Have got all of next week off, so a final concerted effort to add Long-tailed Duck to the house yearlist will ensue.