Bunting hunting

Had a really good hour out with JLI at lunchtime wandering around Sandwick – given the atrocious conditions, (south-easterly gales still, with persistent rain showers – horrible to bird in, but promising for when it finally eases), I dared to hope for a Reed Bunting at the least. And the first bird we clapped eyes on as we got out of the car was a passerine in flight, white outer tail feathers… Reed Bunting. And landed next to a Common Redpoll. All very promising.

Five minutes later, and we’d flushed another bunting from the edge of a garden. This one looked small though. It dropped into a nearby ditch, and on creeping up we found a smart Little Bunting bathing in a small pool in the base of the ditch. BM and JA phoned… BM on his way, JA in Lerwick. Heyho. By the time BM had arrived, the bunting had done a flit, and it took a little while and a fair amount of ground covered (and re-covered. And covered again) until we’d pinned it down. Following was taken through a gate, so you’ll have to excuse the blurry bits above and below the bird.

bunting doing little

With a little time remaining before I had to get back to my laptop, we pressed on through Sandwick, refinding the male Yellowhammer JLI initially found yesterday, a Water Rail, and a Lesser Whitethroat. I think it’ll be a bit manic in Shetland when the wind finally does drop. Or at least, I hope so. Final bird of the day was a Jackdaw beside the road at Challister. Best find of the day – one of the small black feral cats dead at the foot of my drive. Presumably hit by a car. Heyho again – the birds won’t mourn its passing.


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  1. Nice one mate. Stacks of thrushes in the valley today with a late Tree Pipit being the highlight. Soooo windy…

    • Cheers mate. Strange that we should find a Little Bunting almost a year to the day in the same place we found the isle’s last Little Bunting!

      Isle is hooching with thrushes too – 9 Blackbirds in my yards alone, nearly 40 at Skaw, plus more Fieldfares and 4 Song Thrushes. Something zoothera this was comes…

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