Surfin’ to Bressay

Surely the lamest punning headline to date. Apologies. But no apologies for a glut of photos of one of my favourite ducks of all, a male Surf Scoter. They are just such funky beasts… For once, despite the silly range, I managed a few shots I’m not too unhappy with – which may well have had something to do with the fact that I for once had a nice stable support for the lens – namely the Bressay lighthouse!

091019 Surf Scoter 011blogsize

091019 Surf Scoter 005blogsize1

091019 Surf Scoter 013blogsize

091019 Surf Scoter 025blogsize

091019 Surf Scoter 015blogsize

091019 Surf Scoter 018blogsize

091019 Surf Scoter 009blogsize


3 Responses

  1. This might be a ridiculous suggestion but could this magnificant chap be the same bird in an Eider flock that we saw on 6th October off Muckle Roe?

    My pics are rubbish, too far away to see properly and I cant tell one lovely adult Sufer from another anyway – can you?

    I’d like to imagine it is anyway – great shots btw.

    I have caught the Shetland bug – I will be (t)here again next year but a bit earlier. Just seeing if I can visit in June as well – that’s Mr Fairhurst’s fault saying I’d love it up (t)here with all the sea birds (t)here.

    He is quite right – just got to check a couple of things…..

    Hope those SE gales bring in some great birds. (not that I can come and see them but after September you all deserve some good birds.

    • Not a ridiculous suggestion at all, Corinna! Sea duck move around the coast a lot, so it could easily be the Muckle Roe bird… and it and the accompanying Eider flock had moved on the following day when Hugh went out there, so it’s somewhere else now!

      You picked a great time to visit Shetland this autumn. Lots of lifers for you? That Mr Fairhurst is right, the summer in Shetland is fantastic for wildlife – we’ll see you here next year!

      SE gales now been blowing non-stop for 3 days! House windows caked with salt, and it’s really too windy to be out birding. Heaven knows what’ll be out there when the wind finally drops – something mega, I hope.

      • 5 lifers- Veery, Pechora Pipit, Taiga Fly, Arctic Warbler and
        Olive-backed Pipit. plus 3 more UK lifers – Short-toed Lark, Western Bonelli’s and Blackpoll Warblers.

        (Hornemann’s Arctic Redpoll was a lifer but as I’d seen one of the other ones – grotty one now as I see it at Titchwell several years ago – wish I hadn’t! These little snowballs were so much lovelier!)
        21 year ticks cant be bad for 14 days!!!
        plus another River Warbler, and lots of YBW – one seen at Barnes was well eclisped by 20 plus (t)here.

        Also got to see Brown Shrike on one of my local patches on my return! (altho as to that other bird well I know what I saw!)

        Seriously getting closer to deciding on the June trip as well.

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