It’s oh so quiet…

…but not for long, I suspect.

With JLI unavoidably away at sea, and JA making his house waterproof, we were woefully underwatched today. God knows how we managed.  Not a great deal to be missed though, just the usual suspects left over from the past few days. I took it pretty easy after a blank day of unconsciousness yesterday with a flare-up of my neck and shoulder injury. Whoever said the drugs don’t work was both a liar, and wrong. Still, despite feeling considerably better today, I thought it best not to push it, so no iris-bed yomping for me today. Spent much of the afternoon scoping the flat-calm sea from the house, trying to get lucky with a Slavonian Grebe or an early Long-tailed Duck. No joy. Bird of the day (apart from a Rook in Brough, where it was doing my house yearlist no good whatsoever) was therefore a showy Goldcrest. You takes your pleasures where you finds them…

091017 Goldcrest blogsize


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