Lanceolated Warbler woe, OBP joy

A day of contrasting fortunes. Dealing with them in reverse order, this afternoon I proved that lightning can indeed strike twice, as I found my second excessively skulky locustella in as many days. I really must get out of the habit of walking in ditches if this is the outcome. I flushed this one from a tussock at my feet, it flew across the nearby strip of cabbages, and perched briefly in the open before diving into cover. Such dark contrasty tertials, and check out that fine streaking on the breast and flanks… oh shiiiiiit. I phoned the others, and they were not long in coming to help me try to relocate this new bird. And true to form, it sat tight despite repeated attempts to see it, until finally a small, dark bird flew out into some potato haulms in front of BM and JA. And no sooner had they seen it, and we converged onto the mound of haulms, than it had vanished into thin air again. Needless to say, we couldn’t refind it after that. Lanceolated Warblers 2, Bonxie 0.

Which would have completely ruined the day had BM not found an Olive-backed Pipit earlier in the late morning – a very mobile bird that, with patience, one could get reasonable views of. Reasonable views did not always equate to reasonable photos!


OBP doing autumn leaves

OBP doing skulky

It spent a great deal of its time doing this:

OBP doing mobile

No sign of the Woodlark this morning, and indeed it seemed as if a lot of birds (Goldcrests especially) had cleared out overnight. A few more Robins in though, and a few Blackcaps and Chiffchaffs about the place.


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