Common Redpoll, Yellow-browed Warbler (and Pechora!)

First update of the day – the Pechora was still present in the tatties first thing this morning, but once again the moment it saw me it flushed and flew out into the grassy field beyond. It’s a difficult yard to be subtle with, as there is literally no cover in there now for a bird to find any security behind. Will try again later, as it must be finding something worth feeding on in there.

Meanwhile, a new house yearlist bird this morning, found feeding around the hens – a Common Redpoll.

091007 Redpoll

A shame of course it’s not a Hornemann’s Arctic, but in this listing game every species counts.

Midmorning – a phone call from JLI gets me up from my laptop at the kitchen table to look out of the window behind me. There’s a Brambling on top of the dog run. Only the 2nd here this year, and excellent that JLI is mindful of my house yearlist.

Lunchtime – a quick spin around the isle with JLI yields 3 Yellow-browed Warblers, and 1 of them is in the yard below the road here. With a little assistance from JLI, am able to add it to the house yearlist by standing on my driveway with a scope trained on the yard, and him still in the yard talking me onto the bird via a mobile. Desperate, me?! 4 Common Redpolls now lobbing around the house.

091007 YBW 002


2 Responses

  1. sweepstake for no.100, any guesses?

  2. Siberian Thrush a few hours after i head to sea

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