Veery nice Pechora Pipit garden tick

Full story (and many more and better photos) of today’s epic events to follow later. For now, here are photos of 2 nice birds I saw today on Whalsay. The pipit is now firmly on my garden list (6 years to the day after I moved up here, and found an Olive-backed Pipit beside the house)!

You’ll have to excuse me. I need a drink.

Veery nice work, Mr Stronach

Veery pleasing

spit or swallow

we all adore a Pechora


5 Responses

  1. Great Stuff Jon

    Birding at it’s best



  2. fuckin ace

    enjoy the beers


  3. I’m glad you were home and not twitching the Veery in Foula? look forward to the full story.

  4. An awesome twitch and ta for the heads up mate!

  5. I like that feeding shot. Your pipit is very much like our Paddy Field Pipit here.

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