Back from 2 days on Unst – hard work, given the unhelpful wind direction we were having to work with. Any birds were always likely to be leftovers from whatever freak easterly deposited the Taiga Flycatcher and a batch of Arctic Warblers in Shetland. Star bird therefore was a Common Rosefinch. Best find I could manage? A Carrion Crow. Like I say, hard work. A shame of course, as so much of the island has the potential to be awesome to go birding in, given the right raw materials.

We did manage to see the Arctic Warbler on Yell on our way up to Unst, though I was never in the right place at the right time to get any photos. Ditto the Unst rosefinch. Foula meanwhile is beginning to gain some westerly momentum with Buff-bellied Pipit and now a Veery. What chance a catharus on Whalsay this weekend? Slim, of course.

Some nice views of Snow Buntings on Unst in the past 24 hours.

090930 Snow Buntings 010blogsize


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  1. Catharus on Whalsay? Naaah, it’ll never happen.

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