More Buff-breasts, and a dead dragonfly

A funny old day today – went to have my car looked at, and ended up being shown a dead dragonfly – MG had initially seen it zipping around outside his window yesterday, and then found it dead on the floor later in the evening. Not something you see every day up here, as the large dragonflies are entirely absent from Shetland. There’s some sort of damselfly here I think – a small blue one sp. No idea what species, which goes to show how much I know about odonata. So, am hazarding a guess only that the dead dragonfly below is a Common Hawker. It could so easily not be.

dragonfly doing dead

dead dragonfly doing 3/4 view

On much safer ground this evening – walking the golf course, I briefly stumbled across the Buff-breasted Sandpipers again – just enough time to snatch a few more photos, and then they were off. Still not calling when they fly, strangely I think. JA now back on the island, and missed them by a matter of just a few minutes.

getting buff

4 Responses

  1. Blimey – would like to see that! I’m sure its a Common Hawker based on the pattern on segment two (no obvious traingle there to make it a Migrant Hawker) but I guess we should eliminate all other European Hawkers. All my dragonfly books are at home but will try and have a look later.

    Nice Buff-breast pic!


  2. Aha! I’m here and it’s a very white and cliinical site! amazing photos of the dragonfly, beautiful – I’m going back to my pink world now!x

  3. Give me a call about this dragonfly matey ASAP – do you still have it?

  4. That dragonfly looks very simular to some American flying adder? I’d send an email to Nick Riddiford?

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