Booted Warbler

Just going to prove that no matter how dire the weather appears to be for birding here in Shetland, you should never, ever give up. Whether new in, or lurking undiscovered for a while, it mattered not a jot when news broke this afternoon of a Booted Warbler in the South Mainland at Channerwick. With perfect timing, as I could leave work and head straight down there.

Only to find the bird was being a bit of a bugger to see. It was extremely unapproachable, and flew at the merest hint of a person within a 50 foot radius of it. A handful of us watched it spanging around the place, and I was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time to fire off a series of photos, one of which proved to be reasonably in focus. Joy.

090911 Booted Warbler 007blogsize

It’s been years since I last saw a Booted Warbler (North Ronaldsay, I think) so this was a nice bird to see, albeit the views were hardly anything to write home about, and it’s easier to enjoy it after the event on the computer monitor. (Now there’s a sign of the times…) Spare a thought for JA who flew south today – while I doubt very much he needs Booted, it’s a bit of a kick in the bags to be away for the first decent eastern rarity of the autumn.


5 Responses

  1. Nice pic mate – should have shadowed you!


  2. Well done! Lovely pics!

  3. Forgot to say – you can (and did) with a Canon!!

  4. *blushes*

    Thanks guys… coming from you two, that’s praise indeed. 🙂

  5. I was there again today and got some pix which I will upload to my blog when we finally get our broadband sorted out (am doing this on the nerdberry, but after taking pix of waders and breeding birds for the last few months it actually hit home what a damn nightmare it is snapping migrant passerines here in Shetland – especially ones like Booted Warblers – i.e. something you see for 5 seconds every hour – like this critter! Waders, seabirds and Twite are much more fun!

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