In which I get wood

Met up with TC et al this morning for another assault on the autumn’s scant pickings. Happy to report, with rather more success than yesterday. A definite warbler flavour to the day, with small numbers of several species, including a couple of scarcer ones; and some other odds and sods that are promising.

First sign of life a fine Whinchat, and while we were having a look at that a Tree Pipit flew overhead calling, and then obligingly perched up on an overhead wire to give excellent views. Repeated walks through the iris beds delivered our first three warblers – single Willow, Garden and Reed. A brief interlude with a Redstart I noticed coming off the beach and over the irises, and then another walk through the irises. I picked up a large grey warbler flying away from us – it just had the Barred vibe, and sure enough, that’s what it was.

090906 Skerries warblers 002

A couple more Willow and Garden Warblers doubled our tallies of those species, and then bird of the day popped up in front of me in a small garden – a stunning Wood Warbler. A little bit flighty, it took a few minutes to relocate it for TC to catch up with, but eventually showed well in a small patch of weeds. Am pleased with how the photos of this came out.

090906 Skerries warblers 004websize

090906 Skerries warblers 005websize

So all in all, a good day for migrants, albeit in modest numbers. A shame then that none of this was on my home turf – we’d decided to go across to the Skerries for the day, so this was all fun birding, but no house yearlist fodder. Not that I care too much about my self-appointed target of 100 species. Not a bit. I can handle it. I could give it up any time I wanted…