Chinks of light

Just a hint of some bird movement today, though certainly not a fall. Not even a stumble. More a slight wobble. Having written the day off as a fine sunny day that should be filled with getting as many domestic chores behind me before the autumn sets in (house-painting, mowing grass for the last time etc) I went to the shop to buy a new paint brush. Old habits die hard though, so on my way back home I just had to stop in at the Houll to see if those naughty south-westerlies had brought me a nice American wader. First bird I heard as I got out of the car was a calling Green Sandpiper – it flew past me, letting me see the rump (curses, not dark) before it dropped down presumably on the wet mire over the brow of the hill beside the car park.

I figured JA might want to add this to his patch list, so gave him a call, and waited for him to join me. I was pretty sure as soon as it saw us it’d bugger off, and so it proved – no sooner had we got near to the mire than it was up, calling, and flying away down the island. Heyho. Albeit brief, it was a new bird for JA up here.

Chores beckoned. Fortunately I passed a car with birders in it checking out Vatshoull, and recognised the driver – my good friend Tim Cleeves. We chatted for a while, then headed back to Skaw to see what we could offer him and his friends by way of migrants (and specifically, avoid starting to paint the house for a while longer). Great excitement – a female Blackcap. Ended up back at the house drinking beer and chewing the fat about Slender-billed Curlews, and the politics surrounding them. (And reminiscing about getting pissed a couple of years ago in October in a farmhouse near Sennen). Good times.