Mostly bobbins

Home later than usual yesterday afternoon, to find 2 Willow Warblers feeding amongst the seeding docks alongside the track up to the house. A good sign, you might think.

Inevitably they were the only migrants of any sort I could find in the last hour of daylight. The wind was still north-easterly, but if there were any decent migrants to be had, they certainly weren’t at my end of the island. With the wind freshening overnight and moved into the north, the prospects for this afternoon aren’t looking particularly wonderful unless something that came in yesterday filters its way out of the hill and into the in-by area. Tomorrow’s forecast is for more light northerlies, so I may end up devoting the day to finishing the last bits of the house that still need a coat of exterior paint before the winter. Thrilling. The forecast for next week looks particularly useless, with yet more westerlies and south-westerlies on the way. Long range (i.e. over 2 day) forecasts here often change, but this has a dreadful inevitability about it. With any luck we’ll get the westerlies out of our system in early September and get our just rewards (south-easterlies) later in the month and in October. I’ll have plenty of time free then, so it would be good to make the most if it with some productive birding.