Sylvia boring

Checked the plantation first thing this morning. Again at lunchtime. Again this evening. Not much to show for it – a Willow Warbler and a Reed Warbler. Though what I was expecting after 4 days of westerly-hued wind direction I’m not really sure. It’s the time of year that does it – September, must mean it’s worth tramping around the same area. Again. And again. And again. Somehow in all of this I contrived to miss a Barred Warbler that JA found mid-morning – evidently a bit of an unobliging beast as it eluded his camera. Doubly unobliging as it had buggered off within the hour when I went to have a gander at it. Tiresome.

BM came north in the evening and we trapped the Reed to be on the safe side. Unbeknown to us, it’d shown well to JA earlier, but less well in the evening when it contrived to look cold-toned and sufficiently interesting that BM suggested giving JA a call to come out – though with the caveat that the face looked all wrong for a Blyth’s. Am guessing it must be the same bird I saw a few days ago – with such unhelpful weather, there’s no evidence of anything else new in, after all. JA’s Barred was presumably the same one JLI found last week.