Wader weather

It’s still wader weather here, with the westerly themed wind direction set to continue until Thursday. A brief check of a small estuary on the way north yesterday evening didn’t yield the hoped for American wader – instead a single distant Sanderling the best I could muster under the circumstances. After a few heavy overnight downpours the loch outside the house is now brimming, with very little exposed mud or shingle at the margins. It looks considerably less enticing for waders, though the short golf course turf along one shore may still have its merits. In other words, I don’t think I can expect to add Sanderling to the house yearlist anytime soon.

090831 Sanderling 007

Am going to head out to the west coast this evening and see what I can find on my favourite marshy headland. Fingers crossed something decent made landfall in the past few days. I’ll be pleased when the wind swings back into an easterly quarter and we can get on with September’s main event.

Later. Home after yomping around said headland. It looks just as awesome as it did when I was last there in the spring – jutting out into the Atlantic, next stop America, a myriad of small pools with muddy margins, and short sheep and rabbit grazed grassy patches. Predictably, it was proving popular with waders, and there were many small parties of Dunlin and Turnstone, but nothing rare unfortunately. Bird of the day was a most unexpected Shoveler.


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