Currant affairs

Finally I’m indoors and sucking down a nice cold beer. Have spent much of today pruning and planting blackcurrant cuttings – 143 in the final reckoning. Impossible to say how may will strike, but even a handful would be a bonus. Good to see that the fuchsias, roses and snowberries Kath let me dig out of her garden have all struck, and are all showing signs of buds breaking through their bark.

Went around the island mid afternoon, for not a lot of return – bird of the day was in the plantation, a single Reed Warbler skulking at the margins of the leeward side. Apart from that, a smattering of waders at the Houb (highlight a single Knot), and Snipe of varying colours around Brough – ranging from warm-toned rufous orange birds to a single cold-toned greyish individual.

090830 Snipe3

090830 Snipe2

multiple-headed snipe-beast

two tone

Heading back out again now for one final walk around…


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