It’s all gone Leone

Home this evening to find the Houll fairly hooching with waders, presumably after a day of much less disturbance than usual – the wind and rain this afternoon will have kept some of the usual dog-walkers at indoors. Flocks of Golden Plover on either side of the entrance track, Ringed Plovers running down the track itself, Redshanks and Snipe on the little marshy pool, and… not unexpectedly after a week-long stay, no sign of the Pectoral Sandpiper.  Marshy pool itself looked excellent, and simply crying out for a yellowlegs. With the current westerlies, that may not be such a long shot. The weekend is predicted to be wall-to-wall westerlies, backing up southerly going into Monday. If that can’t deliver a nice American wader somewhere on Shetland… I’ll be surprised.

Tomorrow I’ll be planting a few dozen blackcurrant canes in the new vegetable yard, hoping some of them will strike and start to provide some shrubby cover (and berries) next year. Time allowing, there’s a ditch to be dug into the footprint of the new heligoland, and then the small matter of a football game to watch.  I daresay I’ll get out birding too in the course of the weekend…


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