A day of yuck… and an Icterine

A really grotty day today – strongish south-easterly wind, persistent rain, and generally wet and grey. Lovely! Met JLI mid-morning, and did the plantation and various bits of cover here – 3 Willow Warblers, and 3 Garden Warblers. A final walk along the shore came good, as a warbler flicked up the cliff face in front of us to give a flash of a wing panel… an Icterine. Very nice. Clearly new in as we’d walked the same length of coast some half hour previously, it was flycatching furiously from the rocks and clumps of spent Thrift.

While JLI went home for lunch, I took advantage of a lull in the showers to go down to the shore with the camera. Complete result, as I found the warbler now on the rocks below my field. Less of a result – it started raining again, so I didn’t linger with it, took a few shots, and legged it back to the house.

Icterine doing bedraggled

Back out again in the afternoon with JLI, another round of the area failed to turn up anything more than the same recycled Willows and Gardens, so we headed south down the isle to see if we could do better elsewhere. A few more Willows, and the first Pied Flycatcher of the autumn were our just desserts (and the Pectoral Sandpiper is still welded to its favourite marshy pool). The next few days might be good.


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