Pectoral Sandpiper, Common Rosefinch, and…

The south-easterlies have duly delivered a bird from an unexpected point of the compass – a Pectoral Sandpiper, pleasingly found by BM at the Houll. I’ve been checking the margins of this loch daily for the past few weeks, as it was looking hugely promising for once – the dry summer here has meant that all our lochs are much lower than usual, and a good wader was surely on the cards.

Apparently calling when in flight, I didn’t get to hear this as I let the lens and the 2x converter do the hard work and make up the distance between me and it, rather than push it and flush it.

Just nipped out to see it in my lunch-hour, as am working from home today, needing some peace and quiet to work on some heavy duty data. Who knows what we might find later on… (edit – a Teal on North Loch – house yeartick!)


ex-pec-tation mounts from now on

Later. Met JLI at the plantation at the end of lunchtime, and finally connected with the Common Rosefinch. Not an obliging bird at all. 5pm… time to get back out there and see what else is to be had. The wind strengthened considerably mid afternoon, and a short, heavy shower of rain might have been well-timed. We will see!



7 Responses

  1. Great photo of the sandpiper!

  2. Yep, nice one Mr D. You certainly can with a Canon…

  3. Praise indeed from you two! Thanks 🙂

  4. The second Pec picture is seriously good.

  5. I couldn’t find the Pec here, 5 attempts, so your (impressive) pix are a nice reminder of what they should look like, I saw plenty of distant Ruff. The south-easterlies were a bit too much south and not enough east on Orkney and although they sent me scurrying to South Ron on Wednesday pm it was not surprising that I drew a blank. I’ll have another go at seawatching and waders now methinks.

  6. I flew over North Ron this morning, and looked down at the lighthouses and remembered some happy days seawatching from the deluxe drystone seawatch hide there. (With car seats to sit on – such a sensible innovation!)

    Best we managed at the time were some Cory’s Shearwaters – but they’ve had Little Shearwater and Fea’s-type pterodroma since. Not to mention White-billed Divers etc…

  7. North Ron seems to have the seawatching thing cracked, here on Mainland it’s not so clear where to go. I watched from Marwick Bay this morning and whilst I didn’t see anything much, lots of mepits incoming though, it seems to have the potential in anything from the west, Poms in spring should work from there and it’s watchable from the mobile hide (car). Birsay seems good in anything from the north and again the car works well as a hide. Watching on the east side from Mainland is not so clear as Copinsay gets in the way, although I believe in the right conditions the Soots (at any rate) ignore it and fly through the Sound.

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