Eastern promise

Some good fresh south-easterlies and showers overnight… hopefully something interesting will come in with it. Fired up by the news of a Greenish Warbler on Fair Isle, I made an effort this morning on my way to work to drop into the plantation. Nothing doing, just the now long-staying (well, the for the past few days) solitary Willow Warbler. With any luck it’ll soon have phylloscopus company of a rarer kind.

No sign first thing of yesterday’s Common Rosefinch, but am guessing it will be hanging around the place somewhere. Will make more of a concerted effort to see it this evening, as didn’t bother looking for it last night – too busy watching football with JLI. So, am praying it’ll link up with my sparrows or Twite, though not with any great expectation of success – rosefinches rarely seem to come up onto the ridge, preferring the more sheltered fields below the road.


3 Responses

  1. just keep an eye out for one of these “olivaceous warblers” this autumn, it might not tail pump though 😉


  2. Ouch!

  3. If you are unfortunate enough to see one, make your own mind up on its ID and don’t be swayed by others!

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