It’s not a Tring thing, it’s meet the Ebayers #3

Coincidentally, the very same week the news broke that persons unknown had broken into the Natural history Museum at Tring, and blagged 299 of the most colourful and unusual skins in the extensive collection, I found myself idling through Ebay’s taxidermy listings (as one does), and stumbled across someone selling (amongst other exotica – Banded Pitta anyone?) a bird of paradise skin. Amazing.

BOP sales listing



Offers over £177 please

Still, one needn’t worry about this being in any way related to the theft of BOP skins from Tring, as the seller (zoo_wildlife_2009) helpfully points out that this is in “NEW and excellent” condition. Only a member since early July 2009, zoo_wildlife_2009 has been doing a brisk trade in bird skins, and has shifted sunbirds, frogmouths, kingfishers and barbets. It’s not all birds though, as in a democratic nod to the mammals zoo_wildlife_2009 has also sold a leopard cat, an otter, and various civets.


I really don’t know how legal this trade is, but it seems pretty distasteful.

The following is how they should look…


One Response

  1. That Bird of Paradise skin would make a good hat suitable for the autumn rarity hunting season, warm and colourful, you’d be the talk of the isle!

    Both it and the Pitta are on Appendix 2 of Cites (haven’t checked other species), finding out off Traffic whether it is a legal trade, let you know outcome, P.

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