A mostly chore-filled weekend, and none of it faintly bird-related. Still, the exterior of the house is (mostly) painted ready for the winter storms, and the foundations of a small terrace outside the glasshouse are laid. Nevertheless, I did a little birding, most notable being a spot of petrel-luring in the evening on Saturday night – it’s a great birding experience to sit with a beer in hand warming yourself and keeping the midges at bay with a brazier full of red-hot peats, while Storm Petrels swirl around in front of you in the half-light. BM caught and ringed nearly 30 in one night last summer, though never a Leach’s – JLI and I both saw a larger petrel one night last year, but never quite well enough to be sure. Good numbers of Stormies on Saturday night before disaster struck as I went to change the CD to Leach’s, only to jam the machine with the Storm CD stuck in it. An early night after all.

No photos of course, but instead a tubenose of a different kind:


Found a few of these young Fulmars still on the cliffs as I walked around the golfcourse, and tried the 300mm/2.8 with the 2xconverter bolted on. Still some Knots at the far end of the Taing, and a single Dunlin hanging out with them – but no rare waders, yet…


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