Knot bad

I really should take up a new career in tabloid journalism. A finely honed talent like mine for penning an excruciating punning headline is wasted on this blog. đŸ˜‰

Anyway, back to the real business of birds – a handful of Knot were still hanging out on the loch this evening, giving me a chance to go out and play with the camera in the evening sunlight. Given the relatively long range, these weren’t too bad I thought.

Knot doing standing

Knot doing fluffing

Knot doing having a good shake

Apart from the Knot, there was not much else doing this evening. Much seal action off-shore, and some Harbour Porpoises arseing around a bit further out. The sea was glassy calm, and if I’d been a little better organised I should have got the speakers set up for some petrel-luring. Maybe tomorrow…

Chav gull doing Common


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