Nice bit of Ruff

After spending yesterday evening planting fuschia, rosa rugosa and snowberry stumps in the yard in front of the still unbuilt heligoland, I felt I’d earnt the right to an evening off today, and the chance to go look for the Barred Warbler JLI had found the day before. It was either playing hard to get or had moved on, as the plantation was hooching with young Wrens and House Sparrows, and seemingly little else.

Some migrant action of a passerine nature in the existing trap, with my first Garden Warbler of the autumn surprised in there. From here though it was on to North loch, and the chance of maybe a nice Sanderling… no joy, but something else good instead – a pair of Ruff flying over, and pitching down on the grass at the far shore. As I was still on the airstrip at this point, it was a matter of a moment to jump into my top field, cross to the house, and add Ruff to the house yearlist.

Back to the loch, and 13 mostly summer-plumaged Knot feeding in the warm evening sunlight at the margins. Another house yeartick (well, latterly once I’d walked home and scoped from the bedroom window) was lurking in the middle of the waterweed that’s now some way proud of the dropping waterlevel – a female Tufted Duck. With the Red-throated Divers calling on the water, and a cold beer now in my hand, life felt pretty good.


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