Otter spotter

Finished a thoroughly enjoyable 3 day tour yesterday – building on the spectacular start of Killer Whales at sea, we found 5 (yes, five… count ’em!) Otters the following day – and particularly enjoyed sitting in the sunshine eating our lunch while these 2 characters fished for their lunch a few metres offshore, and watched us watching them:

otter 035blogsize

otter 034blogsize

Other highlights included several encounters with Crossbills, including a flock of 20 birds we found on roadside wires, and then feeding in amongst the thistles beneath. No wing-barred individuals in amongst them, just to prove my speculative theory entirely wrong.

More underwhelming from a visitor’s perspective, but of note as a midsummer record were a pair of Woodpigeons in Nesting. Migrants?


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