Hunting with the Killer Whales

Another utterly mindblowing encounter today with Killer Whales… leading a Shetland Wildlife group, we’d no sooner got on our first boat trip of the weekend than we were watching a pod of 4 Killer Whales hunting slowly along the Bressay coast. With some excellent fieldcraft from the Seabirds & Seals crew, our boat was soon positioned up ahead of them, and we watched them as they came towards us (and some nearby seals hauled out on the rocks). Oblivious to us, they passed us by.



We repeated the flanking manoeuvre over and over again, giving them a wide berth before waiting quietly for them to come to us. Fabulous views every time.


orca 024blogsize


orca 017blogsize

Two particularly stunning moments amongst all this – firstly when we could see a Grey Seal in the water watching us, oblivious to the whales coming around the corner a little way away. They dived, surfaced right next to the seal, which promptly dived in turn, closely followed by them. No evidence of a kill though came to the surface.

IMG_0068blogsize sealview

The second moment was especially good – and the hairs go up on the back of my neck as I recall this and put it on screen. The four of them came straight at us, dived at the last possible moment, and stayed down for a while. Up on the top of boat, I could see them moving beneath the water – circling the boat, and in turn rolling onto their sides underwater to look up at us. They then surfaced on the other side of the boat to their initial dive, and carried on down the coast, their curiosity seemingly satisfied.

orca 026blogsize


My party were, needless to say, blown away. 😉

orca 039blogsize


4 Responses

  1. Good Golly, that first picture is impressive!
    Imagine going for a little swim and then turning around in the middle of the bay to see this.

  2. Well, okay, I really shouldn’t have watched “Jaws” in my very early teens.

  3. Jon,
    I’m blown away, my only sighting of Orca was years ago off Cape Clear and it was a long, long way out. Those are just epic. Great pix too. I’m on my way north pretty soon and Orkney has had a good number of sightings this year, I’ll be very, very lucky to see Orca’s as well as that though.

  4. Killer Whales are such amazing creatures..just had to share this beautiful pic:

    gotta love Orcas…hope to see some real ones soon..

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