Killer Whale photo update

A very quiet weekend – Crossbills still lobbing around the place, and settling in to roost in the plantation yesterday evening as I drove past on my way to play pool with JLI. Apart from them, not much of note occuring. Lapwings now forming loose flocks of a dozen or so birds, and young Oystercatchers now feeding on the lawn outside the kitchen window. I got some crofty stuff done, most important task being the systematic squishing of Large White eggs and caterpillars on those of my cabbages that aren’t under Enviromesh. The last thing I want are those being reduced to skeletons before the autumn.

A couple of Killer Whale photos from a fortnight ago, courtesy of GH – thanks, Gary.


In case you’re wondering, the guy standing in the cage at the front of the rib is not some mentalist trying to catch 7 tons of bull Killer Whale in a shrimp net. Though it does look that way. The truth is far more proasic – he’s waiting to net some Killer Whale droppings. Yes dear reader, Shetland cares so much about it’s marine environment that responsible Killer Whale owners are required to clean up after their pets. What at first glance appears to be a rockpooling net is in fact a state of the art pooper scooper.

we need a bigger boat

There I was thinking that the life of a Killer Whale researcher looked pretty damn glamorous – fast boats, close encounters with large marine predators… and all the meantime the poor sods are charging around collecting Killer Whale shit to analyse what the big dolphins have been eating. In the case of this particular pod, I’m guessing seals mainly. With the occasional duck appetiser – we watched the pod cruise around a voe that afternoon, leaving a pair of distressed adult Shelducks on the sea with a couple of young, where before they’d had nearly ten.


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