If you’re bored of Crossbills, you’re bored of life

Walked the dingos down to the plantation yesterday evening, and took the camera with me this time expecting lots of hot loxia action. Nothing doing. Carried on to Vevoe, and then back again. Still no loxia. Sat there for a while, and then thought of the million and one things I could be doing on the croft, and with a pang of conscience started back to the road and home.

Cue the sound of multiple Crossbills chip-chipping as they came in off the hill and landed behind me in the plantation. Sneaky. Back I went, and got a few photos. On reflection, I think I may have a cunning business plan involving irruptive Crossbills – see how they look so pretty all perched there in a conifer?

Crossbills doing bauble

Almost like Christmas tree decorations… mwahaha! You could stuff them and use wire through the legs to attach them to branches. Goldcrests in flight could dangle from thread as baubles. Hehe. The profit-making possibilities of Siberian vagrants would be substantial.


Just as I was loading my trusty shotgun with bird powder, a Great Black-backed Gull came low over the plantation, scaring my early retirement plans into panicked flight. Woe.


There were 27 of them, though they’re not all in the above photo. You’ll have to trust me on this. I have no stuffed Crossbills in the decoration box. Yet… 😉


2 Responses

  1. Love that first pic Jon.


  2. Jon,
    If you know anyone your way who might record the calls of your crossbills Lindsay Cargill would be very interested to hear from them http://pinemuncher.blogspot.com/ I think he’ll like your photos too, that wing barred one is interesting, one of the Orkney ones was a bit like that, i didn’t think they were meant to have white extending so far into the tertials (I’m not suggesting it’s anything other than curvirostra, i’ve learnt that lesson i think.

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