Bonxie love

I like skuas. As a family, they have a lot going for them. They’re an uncomplicated lot, easily pleased. Something to either steal or kill to eat, a nice remote bit of wilderness to nest in, some open sea to ply their trade over… and they’re happy. They get a lot of bad press though, and in particular it’s hard to love a species that drowns Kittiwakes – bonxies, how could you? It’s like drowning an angel – but I still think they’re good value.

They lend themselves to dramatic photos, as they’re a demonstrative rabble when hanging out in non-breeding clubs, and I always have time for a bird that’s prepared to come and have a go at me (fnar, fnar) – with the exception of that nasty little Arctic Tern in NE Iceland that stabbed me a couple of weeks ago. Check out these photos for some atmospheric bonxie moments:

I’ll be back up with the bonxies again next week, so will try my hand at some photos of my own.


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  1. I too am fond of skuas, wonderfully charismatic birds and some excellent images on Hugh’s site. I’m less keen on Arctic Terns, after one really slammed into my head yesterday and drew blood. Christ it hurt. But it was worth it, scope-filling views of female Red Phalarope soon followed.

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