Any minute now…

… it’s all going to start happening. Surely. A noticeable increase in warblers yesterday evening and this morning, indicating either new arrivals or birds coming out of the woodwork now that the wind is easing off a little.

Moved the ponies yesterday evening, a considerable logistical undertaking as they’re pretty feral and so need to be chaperoned along the road from one field to the next. They’ve spent the past few weeks in the yard below Roadside knocking back the rosa rugosa and years and years worth of long dead grass. It’s looking splendid now they’re finished, with the roses considerably thinned, pathways forged through them, and the grass knocked right back to ground level and well-dunged. It’s certainly going to be easier to see birds in there now, and is proving attractive – there were a pair of female Bluethroats in there yesterday evening while I worked to remove the electric fence prior to the great pony drive.

Collected a couple of hundred assorted cabbage seedlings yesterday, so will need to get planting in earnest in coming days. Them and the several hundred potatoes I have chitting in the garage. All good preparation for the autumn. (Oh, and nice to eat too. But mainly migrant-bait!). Have earmarked another small plot next to the new kale yard that would be relatively easy to enclose and put some trees in as a windbreak and a further little bit of habitat improvement, but this brings home just how much I have to get done in the coming weeks. Never mention the new heligoland…

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