In the abscence of any new American vagrants to go see (this is getting like Scilly in the good old days when if a day passed without a new Yank you felt hard done by…) I was reduced yesterday evening to walking around near home and trying my luck there. How quaint.

I gave it my own spin though, as having seen JLI’s car parked above the plantation I figured the right way to go about birding on a warm sunny evening would be with beer. We stood by the Wirlie drinking lager and putting the birding world to rights, until JLI picked out an owl flying over the brow of the hill above us – a Short-eared. Shameless house-lister that I am, I dragooned poor JLI to drive me the quarter mile back home, and from the top of the drive set to scanning over the fields. No sign at first, but a couple of minutes later it came out from behind the hill and carried on floating down over the golf course. A bona fide house tick, as well as being an unexpected addition to the house yearlist.

What with this, a pair of Eider and the first Bonxie of the year from the house (well, my first… P’s been seeing them for some time now) the house yearlist advanced to another minor landmark – 60 species. With light south-easterlies forecast from today into the weekend, I’d hope for some common migrant action to boost that a little more.

Edit#1 – Razorbill, Common Tern and Dunlin added this morning.


5 Responses

  1. sipping lager, sunbathing, where do you think you are Ibiza? you two need to pull your fingers out and go and give Isbister a thrash 😉

  2. Probably better birds in Ibiza than Isbister… 😉

    Maybe Isbister is the new Ibiza? They sound quite similar… It’ll be foam parties and dropping tabs on the beach as the sun rises to some bangin’ choons before you know it.

    Elsewhere on the isle it’s all gone Pete Tong 😉

    • SHETL Bluethroat. Whalsay, Isbister, pm flushed from kale yard by glo sticks and bass, put your hands up for Al-ma, Whimbrel N. over Brough late am.

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