Franklin’s Gull

The American flavour continued up here this evening with the discovery of an adult Franklin’s Gull. Even I can feel a faint stirring for one of them… particularly when I’ve missed my usual ferry home, and have a couple of hours to kill before the next one.  So off I went to Scatsta, and there the bird was. Ridiculously easy, and an absolute beauty.

Bitter Bonxie’s Rule of Rare Gulls – the more you care about whether you see a rare gull, the more you must suffer for it

  • Ross’s Gull, Devon – bitterly cold, and dumped by girlfriend the night before.
  • Ivory Gull, Suffolk – bitterly cold (with snow showers). Got nicked for speeding on the way there.
  • Franklin’s Gull, Gloucestershire – wet and cold. Lost car keys, and needed to be recovered back home by AA.
  • “Great Black-headed Gull”, R.Humber – got tick, but of the biting kind. Somewhere you really don’t want a tick. And bird was a load of old toss too.
  • Slender-billed Gull, Kent – hot hot hot. Got sunburn, comically bad hayfever, and eaten alive by mozzies.
  • Audouin’s Gull, Kent – blazing row with wife for driving too fast to get there. And nicked for speeding again, just to prove her point.
  • Laughing Gull, Suffolk – can’t think of anything bad that happened for this one. I can’t have cared much by then.
  • Glaucous-winged Gull, a shitty estuary in Wales – 6 hours in torrential rain, no waterproofs. Didn’t see the bird. Teach me to want to see a rare gull again.

So… the Franklin’s this evening was a cakewalk – I didn’t care either way whether I saw it or not, so of course I did see it, and with no trouble at all.

090511 Franklins Gull 001

090511 Franklins Gull 003

090511 Franklins Gull 005


2 Responses

  1. Great post Jon, with all the required elements: rare bird, humour, and, most importantly, loads of suffering. If only my gull experiences were so full of angst. I would have strung that lot out over at least half a dozen posts.

  2. I’m just totally, totally gutted. That is just absolutely and entirely unfair.What a brilliant, brilliant bird. Never seen Franklin’s, dipped several times (not very good at twitching though it has to be said, tend to get distracted too easily – the well there must be another near here theory, which is not good). Near work, on the way home (small diversion) to see a bird like that would be prettty epic. However, I would probably care too much and it would have ****** off.

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