Brown-headed Cowbird

Just landed back on Shetland mainland after a successful early morning charter in to Fair Isle for the Brown-headed Cowbird. And what a bird! Obvious rarity aside, I was nervous it might be a little underwhelming in the flesh, but in the sunshine it was positively irridescent.

More photos later, but this will do for now. I’m heading out to try and find me a Yank wader of some sort…

cowbird 002


6 Responses

  1. Glad to see you got the Brown – headed Cowbird, and good luck with finding yourself a yank…….always good to find your own mega’s


  2. Holy cow! you picked up a cowbird in the shetlands! feel free to send any lost nearctic migrants my way – I have yet to see one in Europe. (I have in Central America, but I am not sure that really counts 😉

    Happy birding

  3. Cowbird! milkin’ it for all it’s worth… Is this photo in the Auld Haa Garden? I’m in Aberdeen and will not be home to see it till Monday afternoon weather permitting of course. You heard it hear 1st ! and I’m just the person to do it but I’m renaming this bird…
    ” The Ugly American”

    Tommy H Hyndman

    • Tommy – damn right I’m milking it! This blog usually gets a half dozen visits a day, usually from people looking for naked rambling sites (I kid you not…). Re the photos, not in your garden I’m afraid – it’s moved from the Auld Haa to Burkle – I guess it heard about what your family used to do to cowbirds back home!! (Liz told me yesterday, lol).

  4. Eh up matey, nice work! Who cares how common they are in range, as a supersonic vagrant it’s a whole new bird. To be honest, which vagrants to Britain aren’t usually sh1t common within range? Crested Lark? Ha!

    • Tom – cheers matey. You so need to ditch the classical guitarse website and start swearing about birds again – you left a fist-shaped hole in the online birding literature… 😉

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