Expeditionary force

Scilly in October? Pah! You can keep it…

You want American vagrants? Shetland in May is clearly the place to be. The last 3 days have delivered to the tune of Laughing Gull, Solitary Sandpiper (remember who was musing about finding one of them recently? ha!), Pectoral Sandpiper, and (be still my beating heart) Brown-headed Cowbird. Yowzers.

Is it any wonder then that this afternoon BT was talking about his chances of finding a Neartic sparrow or a Sandhill Crane over the weekend? Or JLI mentioning how he was planning on finding a Black-throated Blue Warbler in the trap? Or that I spent this evening covering every inch of the golf course optimistically determined to find a Lesser Yellowlegs at the very least on the marshy bits.* Mark my words, something else with an American flavour will be found before the weekend’s out…

Meanwhile, all I care about is what tomorrow brings… watch this space, Bonxie fans.


*no, I didn’t, thanks for asking. Plenty of Whimbrels though. Which are always nice. None of a Hudsonian persuasion… yet!