The Crow

Devil’s Night: for rock star Eric Draven and his girlfriend Shelley, the night they meet their brutal demise at the hands of the inner city’s most notorious characters…

I always liked that film. Fortunately, no such brutality here this evening – unless you count the way in which no sheep shit has been safe the past half hour. One of yesterday’s Carrion Crows is still around, and working its way around my neighbour’s field lifting up sheep shits to see what delicacies it can find wriggling underneath. Yummy.



Tasty and delicious!


2 Responses

  1. those are some nice crow shots you have there!
    every time I try get close to our carrion’s here, they flush well ahead of me. it is only when I do not have a camera that they hop in front of me.

  2. They’re clever birds alright. Look how well all the corvids dodge traffic when they’re feeding on roadkill… I have a soft spot for Carrion Crows after hand-rearing one many years ago.


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