Alpine Birds

Oh, how I’d like to think this was a post to celebrate finding a Rock Bunting or an Alpine Accentor this morning before breakfast… but of course, it’s not. (Though I would just like to put on the record my return to predictive form where birds are concerned – mist-netting yesterday evening in the plantation with BM, conversation inevitably turned to the birds we’d been seeing and could reasonably hope for after a day of south-easterlies in late April. I said it felt like a day for a good raptor, a harrier or a kite maybe – and 20 minutes later, got a text from the local grapevine to the effect that someone had just found a Black Kite. I should buy a lottery ticket and quit while I’m ahead…)

Anyway, getting back on track and adding to my collection of bird blogs from around the world – here’s a cracker from the Austrian alps: Dale’s photos of Apline birds are mouthwatering, and the accentors in particular have set me thinking wishfully. Not just photos to be had on Alpine Birds – there’s video too. Coming soon to a drystone wall near me (I wish!)…


4 Responses

  1. Hi Jon, how often do you get out ringing and what are the sorts of things you are picking up at this time of year?

    I have 10nets, poles, equip, etc, in my basement and don’t get a chance to use them. Ringing here is not much appreciated and almost frowned upon. Maybe I will get a chance to haul out my stuff when I am back in South Africa over the summer – won’t that be nice

    Happy birding

  2. Really quite nice. I enjoyed your post and words and the video. I saw my first Rose-breasted Grosbeak here in Ohio where I live, this morning while eating breakfast. It was still almost dark but I took some photos anyway. I will have to post them on My Birds Blog. Or, mention it and post some from last spring.

    I really enjoyed your photographs and your stories. I hope you can keep them coming.

  3. Nice find and I look forward to following your blog.

    Found you through Dale.

    Craig Glenn

  4. Hello Jon. I came over from Dale’s site to see what he was ranting about. LOL!! Like your style of writing although I can take or leave birds. …. sorry. 🙂

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