In which I get a bigger digger

Complete result this weekend in the absence of any nice birdies to blog about. I devoted the weekend to getting last year’s kale yard dug over and ready for planting in the next week or two, and then gritting my teeth for the deeply unpleasant task of digging from scratch (by hand) the much larger yard I fenced in last autumn. To say I was dreading it would be the understatement of the century.

Dug a third of the old yard before the return of Mrs Bonxie with the news that AA and LE were rotovating the heligoland yard with a monster rotovator beast. I knew what I had to do – go ask them if they’d mind doing my new yard as well… completely shameless, me.  Fortunately they’re both absolute diamonds, and an hour later my new yard had been cleared of old wood courtesy of LE’s chainsaw, and rotovated thanks to AA and his big rotovator. Time saved? About a fortnight of digging in every free moment I had. Pain saved? Incalculable! They’re a pair of stars, and I’m hugely grateful.

Went over it today and picked out all the dock roots I could find, and will spray the whole thing in a week or so to kill off any grass and docks coming through. And then I can plant it wall to wall with tatties to break up the soil a bit this year, and suppress any more weeds coming through. (And attract me a nice locustella in the autumn, of course).

Will be busy in the evenings this week making it chicken and rabbit-proof. Both are magnetically drawn to my vegetables, and with dire consequences for all concerned. An early end and hot oven awaits the hen that breaks into the yard this summer. Meanwhile Daisy Dog will be tasked to deal with any rabbits. I hate the furry fuckers, but she lurves them. In a terminal sort of way.


2 Responses

  1. surely you could adapt the chicken and rabbit-proofing, at the very least, into a small heligoland trap?!

  2. I like the way your mind works!

    Watch this space for hot heligoland action in the weeks to come…

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