Nathusius’s Pipistrelle

Holy vagrants! It’s my first lifer of the year, Bonxie fiends!

But it wasn’t a bird, sad to say. But what the dallio, it was still damn fine for all that – a Nathusius’s Pipistrelle. Never heard of them? Me neither. Turns out the first UK record of it was from the isle in 1940, and here we are today with another one found flitting around a house last night, and found roosting on their harling today. A phone call to Scottish Natural Heritage was passed to PVH at the Biological Records Centre, and from there to me to see if we could get JLI to go check it out. Not quite the bat-signal you see in the films, but you get the gist…

Thanks to JLI for the following photo:



I’d like to pretend I took one look at it and knew immediately what it was, but it needed PVH’s heightened bat-senses to tell me what to look for. And no, I’d not be able to call one again if it flew past me – you need to get up close and personal with their 5th digits and ears…

You can find out all about them here – a website all of their very own. Bless.


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  1. Nice record Jon

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