Spring’s here

Nothing terribly remarkable to blog about, but two ‘firsts’ for 2009 are notable – last night was a fine, still, damp sort of a darkness, and a Snipe was making the most of it to do a bit of drumming. I think of all the bird noises we get up here that I didn’t used to hear from the house down south, this is the most evocative and eagerly anticipated of all. It means winter is almost over… if only that meant it would stop raining!

Other first-of-the-year was today – a pair of Red-throated Divers loitering on the loch outside the house. One in full winter plumage still, so looking a bit incongruous. The sea was pretty calm this afternoon, so I made an effort to try to boost the house yearlist – adding the auk double of Guillemot and Black Guillemot. Thoroughly gripped though this week by JLI, who’d seen Snow Buntings and a Woodpigeon in my lower field. From the bedroom, I’d have been able to see those… but they weren’t there today. Heyho. Plenty of time yet.


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