What larks

Spent an enjoyable hour this morning trying to make sense of a paper examining the mDNA profiles of Skylarks… and it shook my world, I can tell you. Or at least, the bits of it I could understand were profound and earth-shattering. (NB, for profound and earth-shattering, read “only of any interest if you spent ages a couple of autumns ago trying to make sense of a small skylark sp that had turned up a mile from home”). In a spooky coincidence, there was a bog-standard common or garden Skylark singing over the house this morning when I left to catch the ferry to work. My first singing bird of the year, and the 2009 garden list advances inexorably. I wonder if I can get to 100 in the space of the year? A tall order, I suspect.

Other incidental news – Snipe calling from behind the house tonight, and Lapwings now beginning to hold territory along the airstrip. 27 Greylags on Saturday in one of my fields. Try as I might, I couldn’t find a Bean or a Pink-foot amongst them. Tsk.