They think it’s all over…

Feeling hugely inspired by the events of Wednesday (and hugely relieved that JLI made it back to the isle in time to see the Hume’s Warbler yesterday), I spent every hour of daylight today birding. It was mainly crap, with some frustrating bits, and a few unusualish birds.

No sign again of the Hume’s, but a couple of Waxwing still in the area unable to kick their glace cherry habit. No sign of the Chiffchaffs or Blackcaps there either. I reckon there’d been a bit of a turf out. We did have some incoming though, in the shape of noticeably more thrushes (Redwings, Fieldfares and Blackbirds), a couple of dozen Goldcrest scattered around the place, and a couple of oddities of a kind – 2 Woodcock, one on the patch and one at Sodom; and a Black Redstart in the trap kaleyard. No sign of the expected Pallas’s Warbler though.

Much joy as Arsenal beat Man Utd. The day could get no better than that, surely?


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