What’s this got in common…

Picked up a text from JLI just as I was driving onto the 6.30pm ferry this evening – 3 Cranes at Vatshoull. I just lurve Cranes something chronic – such awesome birds. Felt dead tense all the way across – would they still be there? The text was a couple of hours old…

I needn’t have worried – even in the fading evening light, they were easily visible from the road, picking their way slowly up and down a spit in the freshwater loch. Hopefully they’ll still be there in the morning and I might manage a slightly better photo than the following:

Still, really pleased to have seen them – yet another excellent bird on the isle in the past fortnight. Apart from the Corncrake, it’s none of it been new to me, but that’s not really the point. This is pure birding – great numbers of common migrants, leavened with smaller numbers of scarcer species, and studded with the odd semi and full-blown rarity. You can keep twitching your Cretzshmar’s Buntings…

…with this?

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