Scooby snacks

Back to work today, a complete anticlimax after the past 48 hours. A little nervous about what JLI might turn up, but the texts from him were mercifully uneventful – the Short-toed Lark still around and being harrassed by a Yellow Wagtail; a Common Sandpiper on the shore; and a Pochard at Vatshoull.

I felt faintly foolish about the latter, as I noted this drake was there on Saturday, but never mentioned it to anyone. After all, it’s just a Pochard, yes? Ah, well, no… Turns out Pochard is something of an island rarity on here, and JLI reckoned this was his first on the isle for some 30 years. Oops. Maybe I should have said something!

Stopped off at the quarry on the way home, but the bunting appears to be gone. A further stop at the plantation to take some photos of something I noticed yesterday – a Red-backed Shrike larder. Have never seen one before, so this was kind of intriguing.